League Conduct Policies

Player Conduct

Players in the Arlington LaGrange Lacrosse Club are expected to play and practice according to the rules of play that apply for their respective age groups. Profane language is not allowed. Overt displays of disrespect toward coaches or officials will not be tolerated. Fighting is not allowed.

In addition to routine game penalties that may result from player misconduct, the following penalties within the ALLC will also apply:

  • Fighting, hitting an opponent or teammate with a fist, kicking, or similar physical blows performed out of anger, and clearly apart from the normal physical play of the game, will result in the player being ejected from the game. The player must also serve an additional one game suspension.
  • The player must be present at the game for which the suspension is being served.
  • A second instance of fighting by a player will result in ejection from the game, as well as a mandatory 2 game suspension.
  • A third penalty for fighting by the same player will result in the player being expelled from the league.
  • Deliberate slashing with the cross, with a clear intention of hurting or harming the opposing player with no attempt to play the ball, will result in ejection from the practice or game, and a mandatory 2 game suspension.
  • The player must be present at the 2 suspended games in order for the penalty to be met.
  • If a second incident of deliberate assault with the cross occurs, the player will be expelled from the league.

Coaches Conduct

Coaches in the ALLC are expected to be role models of good sportsmanship and proper conduct during all ALLC functions and in all interactions with the players.

Alcohol and tobacco are expressly forbidden by the ALLC at practices and games. Profane language is prohibited in the presence of players. Coaches should display proper sportsmanship and respect for officials during games.

NFHS rules state that only the Head Coach may communicate with the officials. Coaches are expected to monitor the conduct of both their players and team parents during games. 

The ALLC provides an enjoyable learning environment for a young player's physical, social, and personal development. The goal of the volunteer coach is to teach responsibility and commitment, develop lacrosse skills, teach cooperation, develop a positive attitude towards authority, comply with the ALLC and USA Lacrosse Codes of Conduct, and to provide a fun and enriching experience for all.

A coach assumes a role as teacher and carries out lesson plans that develop skills through progressive teaching, emphasize positive sports values, and encourage a lifelong interest to participate.

The volunteer coach candidate agrees that:

  • The position shall be for the current sport season only;
  • He/she will complete all ALLC required training (coaches will be reimbursed for required training);
  • He/she recognizes and agrees with all duties, responsibilities, and rules as established by the ALLC;
  • He/she has read, understands, and will abide by ALLC policies as outlined in the ALLC program policy manual;
  • He/she understands that any violation of ALLC program policy will be grounds for immediate dismissal;
  • Agrees agrees to use his/her best effort and judgment in executing the obligation of a volunteer coach for ALLC.

ALLC volunteer coaches who choose to establish for-profit travel lacrosse programs/teams/clinics and promote at a ALLC function (games, practices, etc..) or by using league generated member contact information, do so at the risk of having their ALLC coaching position terminated.

Violations of conduct by coaches will be addressed by the Board. Action by the Board will depend on the nature of the incidents and may range from rule clarification and redirection to termination of coaching duties.

Parent Conduct

Parents are expected to provide transportation for players to and from the fields in a punctual manner. 

During games and practices, parents are expected to display respectful behavior towards game officials, coaches, and players.

Profane language will not be tolerated and will result in ejection from the fields.

Parents are prohibited from being on the practice or playing field at all times.

Jeering, catcalls, or similar rude outbursts from parents on the sidelines, even without profanity, can result in penalties against the team. 

Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and any type of weapon are not permitted at any ALLC practices, games, and functions (home and away) and will result in immediate expulsion from the league.

Repeated offenses may result in ejection from the facility, and possible banishment from all future ALLC functions and facilities. 

All Participants

(Parents, Players, and Coaches)

The Arlington LaGrange Lacrosse Club operates as a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to teaching and promoting the sport of lacrosse to the families of the Arlington Central School District. 

ALLC will offer optional clothing/gear items as club fundraisers throughout the course of the season. These fundraisers are designed to benefit all members of our club and all fundraisers must be board approved.


*** Coaches, parents, and players are strictly prohibited from producing, selling, and profiting from items bearing any combination or our name, logo, and club colors.***

*** This policy will be strictly enforced and any violation will result in expulsion from the club with no refund issued. ***